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A micro-programmable computer
on a chip!

Intel introduces an integrated CPU complete with a 4-bit
parallel adder, sixteen 4-bit registers, an accumulator
and a push-down stack on one chip. It's one of a family
of four new ICs which comprise the MCS-4 micro
computer system--the first system to bring you the
power and flexibility of a dedicated general-purpose
computer at low cost in as few as two dual in-line

MCS-4 systems provide complete computing and
contral functions for test systems, data terminals, billing
machines, measuring systems, numeric control systems
and process control systems.

The heart of any MCS-4 system is a Type 4004 CPU,
which includes a powerful set of 45 instructions. Adding
one or more Type 4001 ROMs for program storage
and data tables gives you a fully functioning micro-
programmed computer. To this you may add Type 4002
RAMs for read-write memory and Type 4003 registers
to expand the output ports.

Using no circuitry other that ICs from this family of
four, you can create a system with 4096 8-bit bytes of
ROM storage and 5120 bits of RAM storage. When
you require rapid turn-around or need only a few
systems, Intel's erasable and re-programmable ROM,
Type 1701, may be substituted for the Type 4001 mask-
programmed ROM.

MCS-4 systems interface easily with switches, key-
boards, displays, teletypewriters, printers, readers, A-D
converters and other popular peripherals.

The MCS-4 family is now in stock at Intel's Santa Clara
headquarters and at our marketing headquarters in
Europe and Japan. In the U.S., contact your local Intel
representative for technical information and literature.
In Europe, contact Intel at Avenue Louise 216, B 1050
Bruxelles, Belgium. Phone 492003. In Japan, contact
Intel Japan, Inc. Parkside Flat Bldg. No. 4-2-2,
Sendagaya, Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo 151. Phone 03-403-4747.

Intel Corporation is at 3065 Bowers Avenue, Santa
Clara, Calif. 95051. Phone (408) 246-7501.

Intel and the Intel logo are trademarks of the Intel Corporation.